India Women Vs Australia Women’s Cricket: Key Stats Showdown!

India’s and Australia’s Women’s cricket teams have historically competed fiercely across various formats. Their stats reflect a compelling rivalry, with Australia often holding the edge.

The Indian Women’s Cricket Team and the Australian Women’s National Cricket Team have carved out a prominent spot in international cricket through their skill and passion for the game. Each match they play against each other showcases cricketing prowess and strategic gameplay.

Fans from nations around the globe eagerly await these high-octane clashes, often featuring record-breaking innings and remarkable individual performances. The statistics from their encounters narrate the tale of intense competition and highlight the growth of women’s cricket. With both teams frequently updating their strategies and honing their skills, the stats continue to evolve, reflecting the dynamic nature of women’s international cricket. These matchups contribute significantly to the increasing visibility and popularity of the sport, promising even more thrilling statistical tales in the years to come.

Historical Rivalry

india women vs australia women's national cricket team stats

The battles between India Women and Australia Women’s National Cricket Teams have thrilled fans for decades. This historic rivalry boasts some of cricket’s most memorable moments. In this section, we’ll dive into the origins of this contest and revisit the unforgettable series that has captivated audiences worldwide.

Origin Of The Contest

The rivalry began with India’s first Women’s Cricket tour to Australia in 1978. Since then, these two giants have locked horns across the globe. Their confrontations are not just about cricket; they represent pride, passion, and the spirit of the game.

Memorable Series

Every match is a chapter in the storied history of these two teams. Specific series stand out for their intensity and the quality of cricket displayed. Here, we list essential series that have shaped this enduring clash.

  • 1984 Women’s Cricket World Cup: India marked their presence on the global stage with gutsy performances.
  • 2005 Women’s Cricket World Cup: Australia’s dominance was met with fierce Indian resistance, resulting in an edge-of-the-seat contest.
Notable India vs Australia Women’s Cricket Series
Year Format Winner
2017 One Day International Australia
2018 Twenty20 International India

The 2018 T20 series saw India Women clinch victory, outplaying their rivals. The series beamed with standout performances, painting the player’s names in the annals of this historical rivalry.

Iconic Players

The cricket pitch has been more than just a battleground for the men’s teams. The women’s cricket teams from India and Australia have also carved their names deeply in the annals of cricket history. These teams have gifted the world with athletes who are not just players but legends, inspiring millions with their prowess and passion for the game. This section celebrates the iconic players who have raised the bar for the sport, turning the cricket field into a stage for sheer excellence and indomitable spirit.

Legends From India

  • Mithali Raj: With a cricket bat that spoke louder than words, Mithali stood as the cornerstone of Indian women’s cricket. Her calm demeanour on-field belied the storm of runs she garnered against opponents.
  • Jhulan Goswami: A tall, pacey bowler who made batters think twice before facing her. Jhulan’s spellbinding speed and accuracy have made her a legend in women’s cricket.
Player Matches Runs/Wickets
Mithali Raj 232 7805
Jhulan Goswami 204 350

Stats as of the last update.

Australian Trailblazers

The Australian women’s cricket team has a long history of formidable players who have shaped the game:

    1. Belinda Clark: A batting powerhouse with an unmatched legacy, Belinda set the bar high with her sheer consistency and leadership.
    2. Ellyse Perry: A dual-sport sensation, Ellyse excels in cricket and football. Her all-around capabilities in cricket make her a true trailblazer.

With their extraordinary achievements and dedication to cricket, these women have become enduring icons of the sport. Their stats are impressive, and their impact is immeasurable. The numbers below only tell a part of their majestic tales:

Player Matches Runs/Wickets
Belinda Clark 118 4844
Ellyse Perry 127 1310/170

Stats as of the last update.

The legendary accounts of these players inspire budding cricketers, illuminating pathways to greatness and stirring nations with the glory of their triumphs.

Batting Brilliance

The realm of cricket often buzzes with the sounds of leather on willow. This melody is nowhere sweeter than in the fierce showdowns between the India Women’s and Australia Women’s National Cricket Teams. Let’s spotlight the ‘Batting Brilliance’ that has left fans on the edge of their seats and etched names into the history books. This rivalry has become a treasure trove of cricketing prowess, with top run-scorers breaking records and partnerships that rewrite narratives.

Top Run-scorers

Consistency and dominance at the crease mark the journeys of these exceptional cricketers. Battling bowlers with finesse, the top run-scorers have carved their niches with mighty bats. Their scores speak volumes of their relentless pursuit of excellence.

Player Runs Average Strike Rate
Mithali Raj 7,000+ 50+ 70+
Meg Lanning 6,000+ 50+ 80+

Record-breaking Partnerships

Spectators have witnessed partnerships that have become the stuff of legends. These dynamic duos have turned games on their heads, showcasing a synergy that transcends individual play. They have shared creases to demolish bowling attacks and seize victories.

  • Raj & Raut: India’s unwavering duo, with a 300+ runs stand, epitomizing coordination.
  • Lanning & Perry: Australia’s dynamic pair, regularly steering through tough pitches with partnerships of 200+ runs.

When these athletes walk out to bat, they carry the baton of their team’s hopes and weave narratives that resonate across generations.

Bowling Feats

The cricket field has witnessed incredible bowling feats when the India Women’s and Australia Women’s National Cricket Teams go head-to-head. Bowlers from both sides have made remarkable contributions, turning the tide in pivotal matches. We spotlight the leading wicket-takers and those who have recorded the best bowling figures. These moments have etched their names in the annals of cricket history.

Leading Wicket-takers

The clash between these titans has seen bowlers rise to the occasion. Leading wicket-takers have spun webs around the opposition, carving a niche for themselves.

Bowler’s Name Wickets Matches Played Average
Jhulan Goswami 57 41 21.34
Ellyse Perry 48 38 26.10
Anisa Mohammed 39 35 17.62

Best Bowling Figures

In a single game, the best bowling figures tell the tale of dominance by a bowler. These performances can change the outcome of a match:

  • Neetu David: 8/53
  • Lisa Sthalekar: 6/20
  • Ekta Bisht: 5/8

Fielding And Wicketkeeping

Cricket is not just about scoring runs but also stopping them. Top-notch fielding and wicketkeeping are the pillars that elevate a team’s performance. The India Women’s and Australia Women’s National Cricket Team testify to this fact. Both teams boast exceptional players who have turned the tide of games with agility and skills. Today, let’s dive into these spirited teams’ fielding and wicketkeeping prowess.

Spectacular Catches

Cricket fans cherish the moments when a fielder takes a breathtaking catch. It can change the game within seconds. The India Women’s Cricket Team has seen players like Harmanpreet Kaur leap into the air and grab balls that seemed destined for the boundary line. Meanwhile, Australia’s fielders like Megan Schutt are no strangers to diving efforts that snatch a near sure-shot four or six.

  • Harmanpreet Kaur’s aerial grabs
  • Megan Schutt’s diving saves

Stumpings And Run-outs

Stumpings and run-outs often turn matches around. Sharp reflexes behind the stumps by wicketkeepers like Alyssa Healy have left many batters stranded. Tanya Bhatia from India, with lightning-fast glovework, has stumped numerous opponents. Fielders with accurate and quick throws contribute massively to the run-outs column, showcasing the teams’ dynamic defence strategies.

  • Alyssa Healy’s swift stumpings
  • Tanya Bhatia’s quick glove work
Player Stumpings Run-Outs
Alyssa Healy (AUS) 15 7
Tanya Bhatia (IND) 11 5

Head-to-head Statistics

Cricket fans around the world relish the fierce competition between national teams. The excitement reaches another level when India and Australia’s women’s teams clash. Let’s explore the head-to-head statistics and historical contests between these cricketing powerhouses.

Overall Wins

In women’s cricket, India and Australia have established themselves as titans of the game. Their encounters on the pitch have produced some memorable moments. The India Women’s National Cricket Team and the Australia Women’s National Cricket Team have battled numerous times, with each match adding a new chapter to this ongoing rivalry.

Team Matches Played Wins Losses No Result/Tie
India 50 12 36 2
Australia 50 36 12 2

World Cup Clashes

The ICC World Cup brings an additional level of intensity and pressure. Both teams have faced off in these high-stakes matches to lift the prestigious trophy. Let’s take a look at their World Cup encounters.

  • World Cup Matches: A total of 10
  • India Wins: 4 times
  • Australia Wins: 6 times
  • Closest Contest: India won by two wickets (2005 World Cup)
  • Most considerable Margin: Australia won by eight wickets (2013 World Cup)

Recent Encounters

The excitement in women’s cricket escalates with every India vs Australia encounter. Recent matches have showcased a spectacular clash of talent and strategy. The competition has been fierce, playing out exciting narratives on the cricket pitch.

Last Series Highlights

Cricket fans witnessed exhilarating performances in the latest series between India and Australia. Matches featured edge-of-the-seat moments as both teams battled for supremacy.

  • Australia’s consistent batting remained a challenge for the Indian bowlers.
  • India’s impressive fielding efforts caught critical wickets at crucial times.
  • Top scorers from both sides lit up the scoreboard with centuries that captivated audiences worldwide.

The resulting play highlighted the growing prowess of both teams, each bringing their best game forward. Fans saw a thrilling mix of experienced gameplay and fresh strategies as teams vied for victory.

Emerging Talents

The recent series also highlighted rising stars in women’s cricket. These players have made a significant impact:

Player Team Impact
Shafali Verma India Breath-taking sixes
Tahlia McGrath Australia Impressive all-round skills

These young talents have shown great potential, both with the bat and in the field. Their performances suggest a bright future and hint at the exciting direction of women’s cricket.

Future Of The Rivalry

The Indian and Australian women’s cricket teams have created epic showdowns over time. Fans are excited whenever these powerhouses clash, and cricket lovers eagerly anticipate each matchup. The rivalry promises nail-biting action. It’s a sporting saga that only gets more thrilling with each chapter.

Upcoming Fixtures

The calendar for these teams is packed with thrilling contests. Here are the forthcoming encounters to mark on your sports calendar:

  • One Day Internationals: The race for the championship unfolds with an intense ODI series.
  • Twenty20 Matchups: Fans can expect a feast of T20 games. Each game brings unpredictable flair.
  • Test Matches: The ultimate test of skill and endurance will unfold in a longer format.

Prospects For Growth In Women’s Cricket

Both teams are igniting a global spark for women’s cricket. Their rivalry propels the sport to dazzling heights. Here’s a snapshot of the growth prospects:

  1. Talent Development: Youngsters are blooming, signalling a prosperous future for cricket.
  2. Investment: Increased funding is enhancing facilities and training programs.
  3. Media Coverage: The rivalry gains extensive media focus, widening its reach.
  4. Sponsorships: More sponsors are queuing up and betting big on women’s cricket.

With each boundary hit and wicket taken, these teams’ stories inspire millions. The Indian and Australian women cricketers are not just athletes; they are beacons of hope. Their story is far from over. The best is yet to come.


Exploring the captivating face-offs between India and Australia’s women’s cricket teams reveals a saga rich with talent and resilience. Their statistics narrate stories of nail-biting matches and burgeoning rivalries. As spectators and enthusiasts, we await their subsequent encounter on the pitch, where records are bound to be challenged and cricket history is written anew.

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